Ellen’s 12 Days Of Giveaways Sweepstakes

Would you like to attend Ellen’s 12 Days Of Giveaways this year? If yes, just go to this site www.ellenshop.com now and follow the instructions to submit your entry form of Ellen’s 12 Days Of Giveaways Sweepstakes, then you would have a chance to win a VIP trip for two to one of Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas shows in 2018!

How to enter & win:

It’s very simple. Just go to this website link, click on the “Giveaway” link. Then fill out a registration form by providing your First Name, Last Name, email address, mobile phone number, contact address, and so on.

After submitting your information, you will be prompted to enter the giveaway to win the prize.

Click here to enter the giveaway now!

Sweepstakes prizes:

One (1) Contest Prize: A trip for two people to attend one of Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas shows. The prize trip consists of round trip coach air travel for up to five people from a major commercial airport near winner’s residence (as determined by Sponsor); two (2) standard hotel rooms for 3 days/2 nights; ground transportation; VIP admission for two people to one of 12 Days Of Giveaways; and so on.

Sweepstakes rules:

The Sweepstakes ends on November 13, 2018. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec) who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry.

There is a limit of one entry per person/email address.

Learn more sweepstakes rules from here!


  1. I watch your show every day, for years now. I would love to go to one of your 12 days of giveaways. I also wonder if you really do have a shot on your show. I priced it once and walked away. I could not bring myself to spend that much money .

  2. I’m so upset because I just happened to be off work today and saw your show 11/19/2018. You surprised the audience with prizes from your 12 days of christmas. This Christmas I will be in Menifee, Ca. This will be the first time in my life that I will not be in Ohio for Christmas. My son recently retired from the Marine Corps after 20 yrs of service and he and his family are back in Cali. After making my flight arraigements, I immediately went to Ellen’s site to get tickets hoping that I will get chosen for the 12 days of Christmas give away. But the calendar was blank for the entire 2weeks that I will be visiting. I am heartbroken, because this will be the only time I will be in California in my life. I would have been excited just to get tickets to the show without the give away. Oh well I guess I’ll keep watching Ellen on tv when I can. I will be in California Dec 22 thru Jan 5, 2019. I just want to be on tv. I will sit backstage if Ellen will allow it. Thanks for reading. #58yearoldwhowantstoseethestars

  3. Just an idea. Invite an audience full of guests from the Camp and Woolsey fires who have lost their homes along with EVERYTHING they own to one of your 12 days of giveaways. They could use it! Might also be a morale booster….

  4. I am a mother of a beautiful hearted daughter and grandmother of 3 gorgeous granddaughters . It’s been a very difficult year for all . My daughter recently divorced a very mentally abusive man . Since the divorce the abuse hasn’t stopped for any of them including my grandkids . I am afraid for all
    of their mental health , they have to continue to as per the court system for visitation . How do they make someone listen before it is to late for recovery . My granddaughters all are doing great in school now and I hope it continues . They all need something great to happen in their lives right now something to look forward to . If there is anything that you could do to bring back some joy and kindness this holiday season I would be forever grateful . My family is in desperate need of kindness . Thank you.

  5. Hi Ellen I watch you EVERYDAY…your awesome …I so was hopeful to win so I could be on your Christmas Show but nope didn’t happen. I’m a grandma of 4 wonderful grandkids…two of which I’m raising. My oldest granddaughter who just turned 13 has been with me since 9months old. My only grandson for going on 5 years and is 9 . I just wanted to give them a great Christmas and was praying to be able to do it with your help being in your audience…..we don’t even have a car anymore because it was a junk and unsafe for us so I junked it. We go no place anymore. …and this year it’s going to really break my heart not being able to give them what they deserve these two grandkids are my live and it tears me apart …So if you still have room on one of your shows I would love to be there and to finally get to see you THANK You Ellen…Happy Holidays to you and your family. Brenda.RHIANNON…and Tanner

  6. Dear ELLEN, My name is Wanda and i live in Berkeley Springs WestVA, My husband and i are a couple of old farts who have never had much in their live’s but have always tried to help any homeless person on thanksgiving and xmas have something to eat , we would just take a plate out to them has they walked by the house.my husband is waiting for a kidney transplant of both and i am not in good health .We get very little money a monthand we have 4 great grandchildren and no money this year 3 are girls and 1 is a boy i have had to use a lot on my meds , please help one is7 months, one will be2 on xmas day one 5 and the boy 5, love wanda and Gary Jones.

  7. I dont need to be on the 12 days but wouldn’t mind it.Ellen we need help.Our roof is about to cave in.We dont know what to do we’re working three jobs and just cant do it.To top things off last week my husband it a deer coming hme from work and totaled our only car.We had to sit our kids down and tell them will not be having christmas this year.My heart just aches.My shed is leaking we put the tree up but it smells musty.Please Ellen we need help.Thanks desperate in new jersey.

  8. Hi Ellen: My message to you: Twit is eye candy and a fabulous dancer who got all the moves and grooves of a dancer who surely can hold his own in a crowd; BUT I miss YOUR smooth grooves. When Twit moves and grooves are over he is sweating, tired, need a moment to catch his breath and an a drink. Gosh he’s a beast. After my knees starting give me trouble and the stride in my glide went on vacation and hadn’t back; my sons decide to give his old girl a groove move. He said Ma you don’t need to work hard to get your groove just take these few moves and you got it going on. “Why work hard when everybody around you is tired” with these few moves will not work hard to get your groove. Work isn’t hard on the dance floor when you can hold your on in one spot. Every now and then get your groove on get it on. Thanks Ellen and MUCH love to you, Twit and the crew. To all God Bless and have a Happy a Holiday season.

  9. Ellen:

    I need a Christmas Miracle I need a car and my drivers license renewed so I can go see my girlfriend who has luekimia plus need $100.000 for a house nd another $15.000 to get a professional alto and soprano sax and a Yamaha keyboard plus mic and speakers I need your help I need some HOPE and need money for my family and us for Christmas the past several years we had no money and I always got depressed cause had no money to get my family and us gifts I also dream of going to see Dolly Parton and play my sax with her for Christmas can you help make my dreams come true? and give us a honeymoon we never had?I always wanted to go to New York to time square for the tree lighting and the lights and go on a sleigh ride can you bring us some hope? well be married 28 years April 25th I lost my wedding dress to a trailer fire we had our first year we was married we want to remarry on Valentines day can you make my dreams comes true>I would like to get my husband a truck for his birthday Nov 27yh and me a small truck as well I need a Miracle and some hope to hope for. Have a Happy Thanks give in g

  10. I need a Christmas Miracle I need to renew my drivers license a car my debt paid off $15.000 plus $100.000 for a jouse and $15,000 for my alto and soprano sax and mic,speaker,and Yamaha keyboard I need money for my family for Christmas and us too we had no money for several years and I always got depressed I would like to play my sax for you or Christmas if you will have time to have me I always wanted to play with Dolly Parton or Kenny G can you make my kong list of dreams come true?

  11. I am disabled and have been all my life. I am able to walk and do things for myself. I can’t work or drive. I still have both my parents. Mother is 88, father is89 and in a rehab center. I would like to win in the 12 days of Christmas so I could give them something good for christmas.

  12. Please help i need 12 days, with health conditions and still haven’t found a job in lad Vegas. My rent is $730.00 my income is $824.00 I really need a Christmas miracle to give my grand children a gift
    . She’s 17 girl 16 year old boy who are A student’s 10 year old boy and boys 5 and 3. Please help it’s been really hard here in vegas. 702 756-7445

  13. HI I love watching your shows over the years. My favorite when you dance around and get the Audience involved. My name is Kathy a Deaf person with a Cochlear Implant. I was laid off for the 4th time. I also just started my own business teaching sign language 2 Months AGO. Very passionate about this, I have some assignments, but no long term client at this time. I HAVE always watched the 12 days of x mass. If get on the show. I would show Ellen and the Audience some sign language. Please let me come and teach the world a small piece of Deaf people.

  14. I do need a Christmas Miracle I have no job or extra money to buy gifts again this year we had no good Christmas for the past several years and it would be nice to have Christmas with my family and my friends I don’t like not working and being on disability I have always worked for what I want and need I m trying to renew my drivers license and get 2 vehicles and trying to pay off my debt so I can get a house for Christmas but need $100.0000 for it and about $15.000 to get out of debt and another$15.000 or more for my professional alto and soprano sax, trumpet,guitar,Yamaha keyboard,mics,and speakers,and headphones, I would like to play my alto for you for Christmas I just need a Christmas Mirale can you Help us?

  15. Sorry I missed the deadline was really hoping to maybe win winter tires for my husbands truck maybe next time love you and all the good you do Ellen.

  16. I really need to win something from the 12 days of Christmas I always watch you show and I love you I always see you give away good gift ill be good with anything just let me come see you and ill be good with that hey that will be good enough

  17. I love your show. It always makes me laugh. I really enjoy watching you give away so much and change so many lives. You are a truly special lady. Thank you.

  18. I would love to come to your show I like have you interact with your guest and love to see dance. my 4 year grandson love you to death and everyday we watch your show and he just go crazy dancing.

  19. Just was blessed with a new grand baby but the kids have nothing for this child and have no jobs. we r doing what we can which is not much. I am taking care of their first child who is 2 years old.(Kira). so being picked for your twelve days of would be a blessing.

  20. My name is Angela, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to leave a message for Ellen. My daughter Lauren is 30 years old. Lauren got cancer at 17 with long and hard treatments Jamie her now husband fell in love with her during her chemo treatments. They were married 10 years in Jan 10, 2019. They had a little daughter named Emma who is 7 years old and Paisley who is 3 1/2 years old. Paisley has a non diagnosed genetic disorder that leaves her non verbal, sensory issues, reflux, visually impaired, can not walk, crawl or sit. Paisley is g-tube fed due to low muscle tone. Paisley is on Medicaid, however, they will only pay for 2 large items every three years. Lauren and Jamie can not be given money because they will loose Medicaid for Paisley so a GoFundMe page was not an option.
    She is in need of a special needs bed, a wheelchair (hers broke and will not be replaced for over a year) she needs a car seat with head support which is very needed. They have not been on a family vacation worth calling a vacation because of 1- Paisley’s issues and 2- Not enough money from one income. Jamie works laying hardwood floors (not an easy job) 40-50 a week so Lauren can stay home to care for the kids. Lauren opened her a store “www.thatsewpaisley.com sewing circles for other special needs families. I know Ellen does a lot of many good things for people in need. Well I feel my daughter would greatly appreciate any help to make Paisley’s life easier.
    Thank you for hearing our story. Love her Mom and Dad

  21. Your an inspiration to every one and everything. I had to retire to take care of my husband he is terminal we have had the worst times losing all our retirement money don’t get me wrong I don’t want anything I’m not a winner just wanted you to know how wonderful you are. I watch you every day God bless you

  22. I would have loved to see Ellen’s 12 days of give aways, honor our firefighters and first responders, those people that has worked so hard to save people, from the California fires and or, those that lost everything in the fires or other catastrophes, in the United States!

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