The McDonald’s Canada Monopoly Game is coming back again! Starting from October 11,2017, just go to your local  McDonald’s restaurant and get a Canadian MONOPOLY Game Piece by purchasing the special products with marked packages, then you can play The Monopoly Game online at and receive a chance to win a $150,000 Cash Prize or other great prizes.

How to enter & play:

1. Visit a McDonald restaurant which supports the game to purchase the pecially-marked sponsored food and beverage packages. You will get one or more Game Pieces after ordering foods. Each Game Piece consist of two Game stamps and each Game stamp has an unique alphanumeric Online Code. You can play the In-Restaurant Game by peeling each Game Stamp to see if you’re the winner of the Food Prizes or Collect & Win Prizes.

2. Visit the website to play the Monopoly Online Sweepstakes after you played the In-Restaurant game. Just open the website link in smartphone or computer browser, then follow the instructions to register yourself by providing your personal information and a valid Online Code that you got.

3. Once being registered, login the website with your email address and password so you can receive an Online Sweepstakes Entry automatically.  If you get another Online Code, reopen the website and enter the new one. Enter more codes will get you more entries. When you’ve entered 10, 20, 30 or 40, game stamps into the Property Tracker, you’ll see a message that you’ve earned a reward and will receive a reward code as a discount.

Online Sweepstakes Rules:

The Online Sweepstakes is open only to individuals who are residents of the Canada and who are thirteen years of age or older on the Day of Online Registration.

There are some limits: one participant one online registration; one participant gets ten entries at maximum in one single day.

The Online Sweepstakes will end in November 13, 2017! Hurry Up!!

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