- Register for USPS Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery, provided by The United States Postal Service (USPS) , is a valuable mail informed service that give users with digital previews of their incoming mail. Here we will guide you through the process of registering for USPS Informed Delivery, enabling you to conveniently track your mail from the comfort of your own device.

How to Use USPS Informed Delivery online:

Step 1: Visit the USPS Informed Delivery Website
To begin the registration process, open your preferred web browser and visit the USPS Informed Delivery website ( Ensure that you have a stable internet connection to complete the registration smoothly.

Step 2: Verify Your Identity
On the USPS Informed Delivery homepage, you will find a "Sign Up for Free" button. Click on it to proceed. Next, you will be prompted to verify your identity. The USPS uses this step to ensure that only authorized individuals can access your mail previews.

To verify your identity, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your residential address: Enter the ZIP code of your residence and click "Continue."
  • Confirm your address: USPS will present you with a list of addresses associated with the given ZIP code. Select your address from the provided options and click "Continue."

Step 3: Create a Account
If you don't already have a account, you will be prompted to create one during the registration process. Fill in the required fields, including your name, email address, phone number, and a password for your account. Ensure that you choose a strong password to protect your information.

Step 4: Accept Terms and Conditions
After creating your account, carefully read the terms and conditions of Informed Delivery. If you agree to them, check the box indicating your acceptance and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Verify Your Identity (Part 2)
To further verify your identity, USPS will ask you a series of questions based on your personal history. These questions may include previous addresses, vehicles you've owned, and other personal information. Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and click "Continue."

Step 6: Set Up Your Informed Delivery Account
In this step, you can customize your Informed Delivery preferences. You can choose to receive notifications via email, text message, or both. Select your preferred method and provide the necessary contact information. These notifications will alert you when new mail pieces arrive or if there are any delivery exceptions.

After completing the previous steps, USPS will display a confirmation page indicating that your registration for Informed Delivery was successful. Take a moment to review the information you provided and ensure its accuracy. If everything appears correct, click "Continue" to finalize the registration process.