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My Argos Card is a credit plan that offers a flexible payment scheme where you can use to shop in My Argos which you can buy anything you need and want in an easy way and just pay for it later. 

My Argos Card buy now pay later schemes gives you a fulfillment where you can enjoy and experience a great and awesome shopping to the shoppers and can actually give a costumer the convenience they wished to have to the consumers. If you have a My Argos Card, be mindful that it doesn’t matter what stuff or food you are buying or how more you will spend because the more you spend in My Argos the more you can have the benefits of paying it for a longer period of time.  Additional benefits of My Argos Card Is that you will not ask to charge for an interest if you can pay on the agreed period.  And just like any other credit card, you can also use your My Argos Card in everyday shopping anytime for everyday groceries in My Argos.

Now if you want to enjoy the convenience offered by My Argos Card, here are the easy and quick ways to apply for My Argos Card:

  1. First, you should be at least 18 years of age, have your bank details and been a permanent resident in UK for over a year.
  2. If you got the qualifications listed at first step then just choose whether to apply via telephone, card online, local stores or through the My Argos App using your mobile device.
  3. Once you are already log in to your preferred choice just simply provide some general information needed about you.
  4. And that’s it, just a simple and quick way you successfully apply for My Argos Card.
  5. My Argos will just send the card to you in as fast as possible.

After you receive your My Argos Card you can now easily activate (login) and manage your My Argos Account in your selective option, it is either in an online form or through My Argos mobile app:

  1. First go to the login page of My Argos (myargoscard.co.uk)
  2. Once you reached the My Argos login page, just input your login details there.
  3. Just enter your Login ID and your last name. Then, click the NEXT button and finally you can now manage your My Argos account.