HGTV PenFed Better Together Giveaway

HGTV PenFed Better Together Giveaway is coming back again! From March 10, 2020 until May 29, 2020, just follow the instructions to enter HGTV PenFed Better Together Giveaway Sweepstakes successfully, then you could have a chance to win a $15,000 cash to help make your dream home come true.

How to enter & win:

Every day, you can visit the HGTV website, then click on the “Enter The Sweepstakes” button to start.

On the sweepstakes page, you need to enter a valid Email address and follow the instructions to complete the entry form with your personal information such as your name, complete address, phone number (including area code) and date of birth.

Once you submit the entry form, you’ll be entered to the sweepstakes automatically. Limit one (1) online entry, per valid email address, per eligible person per day.

Enter The HGTV Sweepstakes

One Grand Prize include:

A $15,000 cash presented in the form of a check.

Sweepstakes Rules:

The Sweepstakes is open only to legal U.S. residents who are at least 21 years of age or older at the time of entry. No purchase necessary to enter & win.

There is a limit of one online entry per person per day via the website and one online entry per person per day via the website. Entrants using US mail may enter as often as they wish.

Visit for more rules & details!


  1. I never see a special showing the winners anymore. Does HGTV still do that? I sit around wondering if I’ve won because I don’t know when the drawing has taken place. Please explain to me when and how we can learn about this. Thanks.

    1. I know its bizzare. they make it impossible to enter, impossible to find out if u won and impossible to find out who if anyone won

    2. I agree completely. In case I am the winner & am not home, I leave a note on my door informing them I’m going to be right back


  3. We stayed in Whitefish Montana several years ago and went to Glacier National Park. It is a beautiful place and I would love to live there.

    1. is this Debra who worked at K.P? a few years back? Did you buy a green covered Mattress during that
      time? If so I’ve been trying to find you !

  4. The home in Whitefish is the most beautiful location you have ever chosen (I’ve seen all of them)! However, the interior decorating is the most reprehensible I have ever seen in ANY home in my entire life!! That crap may work in San Francisco, LA or NYC but it is completely out of character with it’s beautiful location, the state of Montana, the Rockies and and Western character as a whole!!! The moose on a steel fireplace (are you kidding me!!) is hideous! It is as out of character as dressing Peewee Herman as a working ranch cowboy (which I am)! I guarantee you, every Montana native wretched (the interlopers from California may have liked it! You guys (and especially your decorator) are COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with the reality of Montana, the Rockies and western lifestyle! It was painfully embarrassing! I have NEVER in my life commented on anything I’ve seen on TV, good or bad. But I can promise you, for every comment you receive like mine, there are hundreds of thousands of others who agree with me who just don’t take the time to tell you!

    1. I completely agree with Jerry Brown, but not as passionate! That moose is just WRONG, in so many ways and for so many reasons.

  5. The state drop down field hasn’t worked for me in the last two sweepstakes. I can’t get passed Delaware before the drop down goes off. I can’t type something in that field and it won’t accept it without a state. I was hoping when you started a new sweepstakes it might get corrected, but it hasn’t. I can’t be the only one this is happening to. I hope this gets fixed.

  6. how do u actually enter into the sweepstakes. ive been searching for an hour now. how in the world do u enter in for a chance to win the house and car and money, dream home in montana w hgtv?????

    1. I have searched several times for a way to enter to win the HGTV home in Montana but all I get is someone else wanting me to enter some other contest Please just have a way to enter your contest for the home

  7. I’ve recently entered some sweepstakes, and have noticed that you really are notified about the winners, if we all use are e mail address, wouldn’t it be easier to notify everyone thru their email address?

  8. I would love to win. Never won nothing in my life. My husband and myself are retired and it would be nice to have a new house and a vacation home to live or go too.Hope and pray I win.

  9. I never hear or see the winner or the homes or PCH wondering now if this is all scam to buy products. My mom several times a year entered the PCH and bought stuff hundreds of dollars and then HGTV DYI same she waited and waited NOTHING NOTHING NO WORD she passed away and always hoped she could leave my son and family and myself I recently wedded my HS sweetheart 2017 my mom walked me down the aisle…. My husband and I would love to live in WY we have now close family or friends and we do watch all shows on TV living in the area

  10. I love the house plan but I would change some things in the house. It might be a MT house but I don’t want an animal head looking at me and antler ears got to go. I would have thought they would have done a stone fire place down stair and one in the master bedroom Love the hot tub off the master and the comfort area I want an area that I can go to a place that is quiet and comfy Just some idea changes

  11. Bobby and I are ready to call movers to pack up everything and move thing here for us
    Bobby always wanted a place near a pond or lake and this is great I love the patio and cooking are Bobby doesn’t grill but I do love it We are quiet people but can find friends to come over to cook for I love to cook I hope that you choose us

  12. I tried to enter today and it said the contest was closed but the ad states it runs through February 18 – what’s up with that?

  13. I’m so sorry I never saw the home in Whitefish, Montana but I’m sure it is the best. We need a home
    because we lost our house.
    We have been renting
    for the past 7 years and planning on moving to Nevada and buying a new home. It will be only
    ours and no one elses. Please let me know how and where the new home is going to be built by
    HGTV, I might sign up to win which is a farst. Thank you for listening. Cathy D.

  14. FEBRUARY 12, 2019
    PCHfrontpage Claim all prize alert at stake Win $ 1,000,000.00 11000
    yes pch I’m working on to Win $ 520,000.00 UPFront with $5,000.00 a week
    forever + $ 1,000,000.00 Superprize plus $ 3,000,000.00 toward a dream home.
    I’m Waitting to meat the PRIZE PATROL TEAM with bonus.

  15. I agree with you, Jerry. The decorating on this beautiful home was bearish. & totally out of touch!! The HGTV decorator dropped the ball on this one. I have never had the good fortune of visiting Montana, but from pictures i’v e seen of this state, it looks like Gods country not some cold catalog!!

  16. The homes you build get better and better. I enjoy looking at all the pictures and videos. This home in Montana is the best yet! Boy would my wife and I love this place. We are retired in Sun City West,az. Living in the hills above a lake would somehow be more then a dream come true! Wow, just Wow!

  17. Sirs The Mercedes-Benz shown in your advertisement is not the GLE model!! The GLE Model is a SUV. The car that you show is a sedan.
    Co,on guys get it right

  18. I plan to retire this year and moving to Texas. This would be the perfect place to call home.

  19. I love the home, our four children & spouses + 17 grands love to spend time together, this would be a great vacation home for us. we have a grandson in the military, him and his family are stationed in Texas.

  20. Yes indeed I would love to have a nice dream home for me in my family 8 Will be nice and very nice for me and my friend we will love that very much

  21. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. I’m in my middle 50’s and lived in apartments for over 18 years. Same goes for my husband,apartment living for over 18 years. We want a home to grow old together. We watch HG/TV every chance we get!!!
    It would be a dream come true to have our own house!!!!

    Lori Brown

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  23. Who won the Smart Housein Texas? Have they drew winners name yet??
    I cant see where it says they were to do that. Contest ended June 14th THANKS

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