Dollar General Customer Survey Sweepstakes

If you go to your local Dollar General store and make a purchase, you will receive a sale receipt that includes a survey invitation. Just go to the website, so you can leave your own feedback about your shopping experience, and you could also have a chance to win a $100 Dollar General gift card for your next purchase.

How to complete the survey:

First of all, you should have a Dollar General receipt at hand. If yes, open the website link directly in your web browser and select your preferred language to continue.

Next, provide the 15-digit survey code found from your receipt. After enter it, click the “Next” button.

On the following page, you should select the store you’ve visited and follow the instructions to answer the survey questions regarding your visit.

Once you complete the survey, you’ll be entered into the customer sweepstakes automatically.

PRIZES (400 total; 10 per Entry Period): Each winner will receive one (1) $100 Dollar General Gift Card (“Prize”). A Dollar General Gift Card is subject to all terms and conditions set forth on the card. Four hundred (400) Prizes will be available in the Sweepstakes.

This Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry.

For more rules and FAQs, visit now!

More Info about Dollar General:

Dollar General, as its name, is a famous discount variety store chain in the United States. Dollar General is famous for selling items for $1 or less. Besides the home and household products, people can also buy party supplies, office & school, toys and crafts, health and beauty and other more stuffs.


    1. Very friendly staff at the Don Pedro DG general!
      I found some wonderful home items and a great bag marked down 50%! I loved it
      Survey code #1676-8808-1962-293

  1. The Akeley Mn. General Dollar store is the cleanest and well organized store i have been in.
    Employees always curtious and helpful

    code 1679-8078-1269-883

  2. Survey code is 1015-0928-1265-064. Entry is a little confusing. I was at the dollar general on Oberlin Ave. in Lorain Ohio dec.22nd for the first time, great variety! As I left I accidenly left my purse in the cart outside when I left. I traveled quite a distance before noticing I didn’t have it! It was probably 45 minutes before I could get back! I feared the worse but some nice lady had turned it in to the cashier! I had all my important papers n Christmas money, phone etc in it! The cashier smiled n handed it to me as I walked in! How great is that? Many thanks!

  3. I love the neighborhood Dollar General for its convenience and proximity to our home. I can drop in for a loaf of bread, batteries, pet food, cleaning supplies or any other household product needed. It reduces the amount of time needed to shop quickly and easily. thank u


  5. as I go in they are very palite they always smile and helpful I have to say I do tike how they don’t make a mug face as they help me when and they are not rude to my kids always help them too and show the were the toys are.

  6. the store on St. Joe Ave in Mo. has a redheaded male employee that I am surprised has not got the store sued. Runs out the door asking shoppers in they took anything.. thats because he picks and chooses who he waits on. if he dont want to wait on you he informes you to go to the other line. where theres 5 people in front of you.Then when you get .in the other line he opens back up. then if yo when a truck u go in during the evening and a truck is there every 5th word coming from his mouth is FUCK. all you wanted to know is if they have a iteam. theres a door but he dont close it. Im sure thats because we all want to hear “FUCK”. shame its the only store close on the Ave. in St. Joseph, MO. #00219

  7. I love this store. I know all the employees by name and they are always friendly and helpful. I love the Christian music station that plays in the background. I shop here daily for their low prices and great attitudes. I always leave with a smile on my face. A+++
    Code 0629-2848-1926-213

  8. I was searching for a couple items in the DOLLAR GENERAL on the CUNNINGHAM STREET in URBANA,ILLINOIS 61802. my phone charger cord was not working and my dad was going into heart surgery in an hour and I was trying to hurry to find the cord so I could hurry back to see dad before he was taken back for surgery prep. with wondering and looking at the several different spots that I new of that has phone cords I was not able to find the phone cord that I needed, but the lady manager on this night saw me struggling to find what I needed she came out of her office and took the extra time to help me search through the store at the extra spots that she had restocked the same phone cords that I needed!! the survey code is 0178-8288-1920-263 store number is #01819

  9. Shopped at Store # 15215 today. Best experience I ever had at a Dollar General Store. I usually come out thinking that it is a badly run store and customer service is mostly, poor; Not today. A young man asked if he could help me to find anything. he assisted a new middle aged man to check out some sale items. They both were a delight. They should be complimented. This is the first time I really enjoyed shopping at your store. Great bargains too!

  10. Our other DG Store was always crowed and hard to get down Isles. A new Small Walmart came here in New Hope AL and did not last a Year and half. When they closed up our DG Store moved in the Walmart and is much bigger and roomie and we love it. It is always busy but you can get in and out and see friendly faces. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Our other DG Store was always crowed and hard to get down Isles. A new Small Walmart came here in New Hope AL and did not last a Year and half. When they closed up our DG Store moved in the Walmart and is much bigger and roomie and we love it. It is always busy but you can get in and out and see friendly faces. Thanks for all you do!

  11. I have several Dollar General stores near me, and I frequent them all a lot. My issue with DG is their prices not matching the price tag and the scan. If you buy 4 items, the odds are one will have a different price than what is shown on the shelf. I always get a receipt, and check it. Today I was overcharged almost a dollar. When I mentioned it to the clerk, they corrected the price, but still overcharged me, but not by as much. I paid and left, as there was a line behind me. I did advise them that they should change price on shelf or in scanner. This happens very often. I guess DG gets what they pay for with minimum wage employees.

  12. Great customer service at New Egypt, NJ Dollar General. Manager is a woman who even helped us dig out car out after getting stuck in snow in parking lot.

  13. Our newest store in Ashland, Kentucky (29th & Blackburn area) is absolutely the cleanest, well stocked, with very friendly/helpful staff is a pleasure to shop in…..great inventory and so easy in and out in their large parking lot. Great addition to the big neighborhoods in South Ashland! Thanks

  14. I like Dollar General store very much it is close to my house and meets most of my needs. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

  15. My store in Ohatchee, AL is the greatest. I will drive past numerous stores just to get to “my” store. Whenever there is more than 2-3 people in line, someone working in the back comes right up there. The people there know most of us by name. Very clean store and helpful people working there. I love Ohatchee store #10726. Survey Code 1065-1588-1935-393 (I really had a hard time figuring out how to do this survey and still not sure it is correct). Anyway, never hurts to brag on my store.

  16. me and my son went to dollar general last night and got every thing we need and a lil more i like going there to shop for my dogs witch are my babys i get more than i should for them my wife gets mad at me for buying so much stuff but i laugh at her and she gets mad and she tells me i am not a loud to go with her the next time but i’m in the car with her driving to the store a gain and it is the same thing all over again, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING A DOLLAR GENERAL STORE # 17019 AT 4503 BUCKANNON PIKE MOUNT CLARE WV I LOVE IT. PAUL J SHAW II. SURVEY CODE # 1798-5568-1949-243

  17. My experience in the dollar General store where I live (Bainbridge, Georgia) was very cost efficient and easy in and out with my purchase!! Survey code is 0228-7068-1940-542

  18. I love the new Dollar General Store in my town of Mims, Florida. It is supersized & only 1mile away from my front door. Great products, great employees & it makes me smile every time I visit the store. Cheers! To all of the haters……..go spend your dollars somewhere else.
    John Wlasic

  19. I came into the Dollar General on 26th and Broadway on 1/24/19 during my lunch time to grab a few items so I could go straight home after work. I love DG, I choose to go there over family dollar. I find their stores cleaner and the prices a little cheaper. However I don’t think I will visit that particular store again as I felt disrespected by the cashier. I reached over to grad a small tide detergent and her comment was (No, No, No, don’t touch that) (You tell me and I get it) Working in a law enforcement position myself I understand theft is on the rise for those type of items, HOWEVER I felt very disrespected and I felt like a criminal. She could have handle the situation better I thought. My something like Ma’am if you need soap powder, I will be happy to get it for you when you get in the check out line. Customer Service is everything, People can go anywhere to spend their hard earned money and they may feel like me and choose not to spend it in that Dollar General. I will continue to shop at DG because it is one of my favorite store and I also hear that from my family members as well. Thank You for your time. Store # 19109

  20. visted dollar general today at 4735 middleway kearneysville wv and was waited on by her name tag said Tammy very nice and was greeted with a smile and very helfull with finding things thank you

  21. Alice, in your Cottonwood store, is absolutely wonderful. Quick service and a great sense of humor. We probably shop there because of her.

  22. the store was in disaray- manager was rude and disrespectful to customers and work staff- refused to honor price marked on a customers order because she says it did not match her card – but it was marked on the isle shelf

  23. The store was a real mess. I guess there was only one person working at the store and merchandise was delivered and no chance in getting it on the shelves. Not horrible, just messy.

  24. Survey code: 1302-5508-1959-383
    The store was a real mess. I guess there was only one person working at the store and merchandise was delivered and no chance in getting it on the shelves. Not horrible, just messy.

  25. Hello, On Sunday Feb. 10 2019 It was snowing and roads were slick in spots,but I needed some essinails so I drove to your Saint Anne Ill Store ( I usually go to Aroms Park Store but do to snow I went closer to home)Saint Anne Store was a MESS Asked manager twice for things I could not find /only empty shelves she replied we are out sorry. I said I knew I should have gone to Aroma Park and her reply was “BYE”,I will never go to Saint Anna store again. Hope you look into this matter

  26. I went to the Dollar General this morning. Although there may be merchandise up to the register in isle, the store and store clerk was very nice and considerate. I got waited on fast and respectfully.


  28. Was in your store on 14040 County Line Rd Hudson fl 34667 on Wednesday 2/13/2019 and spent twenty two minutes in line when I asked if the manager was working I was told that she was the manager I then asked why she did not call for help at the register she said no one else was working I asked for the corporate office phone number she said I could take the survey on my receipt but did not give me the corporate office phone number because I had to wait 22 minutes I will never go back into one of your stores again I think that is piss poor business to make customers wait that’s long in line so you will no longer have this person as a customer in any of your stores and I shop at Dollar General a lot but it won’t happen again I will never wait that long in line in one of his stores again since I won’t be going back to your store nice way to take care of the customers

  29. Your store in Luverne, MN is the most dirtiest, over crowded, dis-organized place I have ever been in!!
    The manager is a bitch who makes terrible to customers if they have an opinion on anything! First of all she needs to go, next you need to have someone from corporate come and check out this terrible store. The worst experience today when there are 10 people waiting to check out and only one cashier!!!

  30. I like going to the Dollar General because I only live three blocks away from the Dollar General store and they are very reasonable, and I can usually find what I need really Quick.

  31. I visited FD in Barnwell South Carolina store #02640 2/19/2019. The pot holes are terrible. Customers have to drive around them to keep from damaging our cars. They fill them with that cheep stuff and it does not last long. I counted 4 pot holes right in front of the store. REALLY! If Customers have to pay for damage to our cars we want be able to spend money in your store.

  32. Your store at 8775 Roswell Rd in Atlanta, George is the dirtest, nastiest, store ever, you have two carts and they don’t work. And your Manager is so nasty and disgusted that he don’t even care no more “his saying is I just work here”, UNBELIEVABLE , THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL , AND DON’T TRY TO USE A COUPON HE SAID HE DON’T TAKE THEM, I WAS SO DISGUSTED I WALKED WRITE OUT

  33. I always enjoy shopping at The Dollar General. The prices are great and you can buy a variety of
    things there. Also the location and parking is convenient!

  34. I visit Dollar General several times a week. Always convenient, always cheap on price, always courteous. I just wish they sold gas too.

  35. DG is the most cleanest, cheapest, and they have the most polite workers, who would give up their time for other people. Also DG is not so price it helps those who cannot afford what they need and every time I go in I see that it is clean no matter what happens. Thank you for what you do for people. Great Job and God Bless You!

  36. Visited the DG store in Kimball,Mn for the first time. Clean store, an abundance of items. Good sales. VERY friendly and helpful check out person (possibly owner/ proprietor?) survey# 1958-9928-1990-473

  37. I go into the Johnston, SC Dollar General numerous times a week and have for years and have even been known to visit the store a couple times a day for things. They offer great items and at a very competitive prices. All the staff have also always been very helpful & nice to deal with whenever I have asked about something in particular or where in their newly upgraded store floor plan that something was.
    Survey code 0374-2618-1996-304

  38. Went to store on So. Banker in Effingham, Il. Wanted to enter gift card contest. Could not enter due
    to tape needing new ribbon – can’t read receipt! Spent $42.08 and would still like to enter! My reference
    # was 00002050497 – 4/13/2019 – Store # 01090. Please enter me. I’ll leave it to you to get me entered
    so I have chance! Thank You!

  39. Visited the Ashland, Oh store on Claremont Ave. Find it to be a littles small, stuffed laying everywhere. Had a great sale on Laundry detergent. Cashier very friendly. Survey #0688-4268-1013-333

  40. Oh! I forgot to mention the store location. 811 E McDevitt Ave. Jackson MI. Great new look! A very good crew!

  41. 14408 store….the best…great americans running store….clean…just fucking awesome staff…going there 5 years….great staff….just remodel it….great….oorahhhhhh….semper fi….

  42. Was to store in Sibley iowa this morring the stuff in the isles was terrible. Had to move some carts to get at what i was looking for. It is always this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Service was nice but the store is such a mess. Couldn’t get down half the aisles so cluttered with items. Big coolers in the aisles and garden items . Only had a little over a foot of space to get through. End of the aisles also full of items on carts to be put away. No room to get around. This is at your Gratiot Ohio store. Survey code 141825681025922

  44. I shop at the Dollar General In Allons Tennessee quite often and Bobbi is always there. Even when she has pulled a double shift there or come from a different store and pulling a double shift she is still very polite and nice to everyone that comes in. She helps everyone find what they can’t and seems to enjoy helping people, not like some of the employees that are just there to collect a pay check and could careless about the people in the store. Kudo’s to Bobbi she is a great employee

  45. dollar general in Walton new York sucks ass, most the employees are rude and obnoxious, and stare at you with out blinking, kinda creepy lol

  46. Cottonport La. store is my go to that always has what Im looking for! The asst. mgr Warren Smith is the most helpful and nice guy. If I cant find something he will go out of his way to go get it for me!! Also Roxanne Honea is also always got a smile on her face and willing to help!! I wont go to any other store due to this helpful service that these two offer!!

  47. We are so glad to have a DG store in our town ( Donnellson Ia.
    Great store with Great help!
    Hope this store is profitable !

  48. new store in whittemore michigan , very friendly service people, could find every thing very easy, very clean and organized.

  49. I purchased my house hold products and the store has been really kept up nice and clean people are always very friendly and helpful been going there for about 5yrs now. It is the Rockingham Dollar General on Rt.1 near downtown Rockingham….my survey code is 1287-9708-1050-204

  50. it had very good service nice people good help around the store they ask you if you need help if you look lost so once again very nice people

    survey code 1971-1938-1052-343

  51. The Dollar Market in Elwood Indiana has had two birds flying around the store the last few months i have been there. Is not good when there is food there

  52. The young man working this a.m. was so very pleasant, friendly, and helpful. I am so happy to have the Dollar General in Cohasset; prices are great and have a good selection of products.

  53. Love the store in Cohasset; staff are all so friendly and helpful. Prices and selections are great also.

  54. Survey code: 1498-4588-1061-934 —-Could not understand how to get to Survey for gift card. LaGrange, Georgia, 112 Wares Cross Road, This is the most disorganized, nasty, floors have not been swept. I have been using this store since the store opened but since new manager in the last few months it has been a disaster. Can not get down the aisles due to buggies packed full, no room to bypass. Unfriendly customer seviced. So unhappy with Dollar General Store #14089. I think the personel staff needs to revamped along with the neatness of the store. Will be using a different store.

  55. Cashier was not in the store while other shoppers WERE in the store. She was outside 8ft away from the door smoking a cigarette. I picked up the 4 items I needed and went to the checkout line where one lady was already waiting. She came in as I got to the checkout. Rather sad business ethics. She had her name turned around so we couldn’t see it.
    Survey# 0296-1708-1064-043

  56. DG is the first place I go I ENJOY ALL THE WORKERS I know them by name and they know my DG is like my second home. DG Store #15548 118 Riley Ave Ogden K.S. 66517 Survey Code 1547-6478-1066-563

  57. Chalesta was very patient and friendly. The most professional Dollar General employee that I have ever encountered. I will definitely be a regular customer now! From Grant.

  58. Dallor Gereral that i go to now they are verry verry nice the custom service is the best .Amy is also just great the storeis keep in order clean you walk in you get a nice greetinrg that along make you feel like shopping thank s for all of them that work at store#10646 and code 165543081067523, thank s

  59. Very nice store and nice people that work there very professional and organized store. Survey code 1625-7128-1075-522

  60. Went into the Store at Mt Summit, In. Very friendly and helpful staff. Was able to find everything I needed.

  61. On this visit I found the employees ALL very friendly and knowledgeable. The store was clean and each to navigate. I will be returning to this store.

  62. The service I got at Dollar General is excellent and the cashier is friendly .The staff are also helpful when it comes to looking for an items .My survey code is 0656664810996553

  63. I was pleasantly waited on by Mel in the Marysville, PA DG store. I was anxious to fill out the survey but had a lot of trouble getting to the survey! So I’m hoping she gets to see this!

  64. Our Dollar General has friendly staff, however the aisle are crowded together and usually messy. Most of the time when I go, there is only one cashier at the register. My last visit had one cashier and about six people inline ahead of me and four people behind me. I like the store but maybe if the employees had full time stockers, then the cashiers could handle the flow better at check out.

  65. SURVEY CODE -0291-9058-1000-963


  66. survey code-029190481000-963
    DG- in waynesboro tn 38485
    i like going to the store (brenda )and everyone else has always been very friendly and will help you find something if you need help the only thing i truely hate is the down hill parking lot im 78 and the buggy pulls me almost down ,,,the hill is steep and my cart tries to go across the street i wish you would put the store in the old save-a-lot building the power doors and parking lot would help me and others out a lot

  67. i love the staff and the store just not the parking lot its very hard on old people to to go up hill to get to the store and even harder when you go out with your shopping cart i wish it was in the old save-a-lot building it has a great parking lot and electronic doors please consider it is very hard on us old people
    the DG is the one in waynesboro tn 38485

  68. Today I visited store#07421 and encountered a rude inept cashier. She was left alone and untrained. This cashier was totally lost and unable to check me out. Finally the manager showed up and the cashier blamed me for her problems. I have shopped at that store for 5 years and never have been blamed for anyone’s problems with the cash register. As far as I am concerned this woman was completely un trainable. You can’t be trained if you can not listen or accept responsibility. Attitude is everything.

  69. the prices are great and the workers are always there to help, Jane the manager at the Seymour, Tn. 37865 is the sweetest, kindest lady always ready to help.

    1. Seymour, Tn. 37865 store is always clean and the workers are always there to help. Jane the manager is the sweetest very helpful lady.I am in that store at least 3 times a week survey code 0622-1618-1008-214

    I don’t know what’s happened to the store in Bellefonte, PA, but it has become the dirtiest, junkiest store in our town. The floors are filthy, and the isles are choked with unopened merchandise on carts.

    I do not shop there anymore.

    I don’t know what’s happened to the store in Bellefonte, PA, but it has become the dirtiest, junkiest store in our town. The floors are filthy, and the isles are choked with unopened merchandise on carts.

    I do not shop there anymore. I have never before posted a reply on this site.


  73. Hello the cashier was very nice and everyone that was working spoke and had a smile on their faces. Here is my survey code number 1210-6238-1-114-054


  75. The Anamosa, Iowa has one of the best Dollar General assistant managers possible. I had an issue and Crystal worked thru the problem and kept me updated every step of the way.

  76. Three Stores in a hour miles radius, most isles blocked most times with stock, always out of many items i buy. Stock is always low or out of stock, low volumes bought. Who manages stock? (IN 18088 AREA)

    Wilkes-Barre , PA in the mall, beauitiful store!!!!!! Great People working there!!!!

  77. store #00308 Cumberland cant beat the staff bathroom need some help products are great so friendly and very helpful

  78. Great store….great people working there! I love going there because I know I will find what I need.
    Arlington, MN store #16967
    Purchased 10 items….2019-08-08 @16:18:04
    Survey code: 1686-9348-1139-703
    Definitely a ten (10) star rating!!

  79. I just went to DG Store #14972 in Arbuckle, Ca around 6:30PM, to buy couple things. The staff are friendly, only complaint I have is that at this time of day (when everyone is out of school and work and the staff in DG should know this practically everyday there is always lots of people shopping) there was only one teller at the check out counter, and took a long time to checkout. I shop at DG once a week. I try to not shop at this time of day, but needed to get my husband some WD-40.

  80. I have shopped at DG for a long time this is the 1st time I have responded. The service has always been great, and today the line was very long but the service was swift and the only cashier at the counter was Laura- she maintain a great attitude while servicing a long line of customers. She has a pleasant attitude and is very professional in her daily role of a cashier!!!!!

  81. I Stopped in your new store on Elizabeth lk. rd. the store clerk was friendly answered a few questions I had told me about your Grand Opening this Saturday 2/24/19 lots of great items I will definitely be coming back.

  82. This is a fairly new store. What I really like is that the aisles are wider, the staff is friendly, products easy to find.

  83. I enjoy my shopping at the Avalon DG in Moody Al. The manager that works the day shift is always nice and plays worship music and that makes my day. my code is 0697-3678-1144-784

  84. I was in DG store #16396 Bowling Green, KY. Cashier had name tag of Jordan. Truly a wonderful man, told him so. He always makes everyone smile..God Bless Him and that store.

  85. have you ever been in DG in Alden, NY ? What a mess….I go in monthly just to see if it’s any better…went in this week to look for the same product and the area was the same mess as several weeks that passed… either need more help or better employees….sometimes it’s so stuffed with boxes and stuff, you feel like you can’t breathe…….do a lot of sneezing….sorry, but this store needs help badly

  86. I was recently in a Wintersville, OH, Dollar General which I shop a lot. As soon as you enter you are greeted by very nice employees. Today I was greeted by Loretta who helped find an item that I thought you might not carry but she found it for me plus a lot of other holiday truck items plus other things that had just came in. So I bought them all…. needless to say she does her job well. GREAT employee and a Happy Customer…..

  87. The DG store in Columbus, Kansas has their shopping carts outside and out of sight of someone parking in the handicap spaces. Therefore I always get into the store and forget to pick up a cart outside, expecting them to be inside the door. So I usually just pick up what I can carry in my hands. Also the isles are too narrow for two carts to pass anyway. Very unhandy. Otherwise I’m happy they are here because it’s important for a small town to have a store like DG.

  88. The New Philadelphia store is the cleanest ever with great employees. They all have friendly attitudes and bend over backwards to assist in finding what your looking for. The store is well organized and spacious. Lots of customer parking and well lit parking areas. This truly the “Little Walmart” as they have so many different items they could easily compete with the big boys.

  89. Store#12006 White House Tn.
    I visit weekly, Everyone is very helpful. I count on this DG Market for my weekly Grocery shopping. If lines are long they ALWAYS call for another line to be opened. They seem to remember the regulars and make you feel that they are glad to see you. The store is always well kept and clean! A+ in my book

  90. The DollarGeneral store at #15306 has good friendly service and me and my wife loves coming into the store and shop we get everything we need that is affordable and the store is always in stock with things we need for our house and personal needs as well we enjoy shopping here!

  91. tyler furry is amazing and does a great job. since dollar general in salem got new manger stuff gets done there. im glad is great there its like my second home. they are like family in there and that’s how it should of been. survey code 0086-2548-1183-374……. store #00927

  92. This dollar store is clean and well managed. Joe, if he is the manager, or cashier is exceptional in his kind behavior. Making sure you find what you are looking for and he knows where everything is at. Shopping is pleasant there. survey code is 1753-8458-1188-753

  93. after I payed my power bill I got a breast cancer pen for a buck love it and sum hoop earrings that everyone loves thank you 029314381199062 idk if this his number but he was nice to me 02094 01 0554

  94. I had a wonderful experience at my dollar general. someone says “good morning’ as soon as you enter, kind of makes you feel wanted as you come inside. the ladies always speak as you approach them down the isles. always willing to help me find something that I can’t seem to find myself. thank you, dollar general {love my store} Mike

  95. Your store in New Johnsonville, TN is only blocks from our home, so I shop here for something weekly. The staff if friendly and always helpful. You carry a nice selection of items and the card selection is the best and cheapest in our area. They are high quality and a very good buy for anything you need card wise. My survey code is: 1234-4988-1197-084 and I would really enjoy winning and supporting this great store.

  96. Your store in New Johnsonville, TN, is only blocks from our house and I shop there weekly for anything I need. I find the staff very friendly and helpful. You carry a nice selection of items and the card selection is the best in the area and the cheapest with nice quality cards.

  97. I visit/shop the new Chapin , SC Dollar General store #19417 very frequently.
    I find them very friendly, helpful & also well arranged & clean.
    Thank you for putting this store so close to a heavy population area.
    Keep up the good work.
    Survey Code 1936-0158-1109-213

  98. I’m very impressed how professional and customer friendly Kendra is. She is at the Dollar General Store at 2309 E. 42nd St. , Des Moines, IA 50317. Every time I’ve been in the store and she is working she is friendly and very helpful to my needs. I’m sure she is with all her customers.

  99. Hi my survey code: is: 0605-3018-1108-163. I always stopped at DC in Jonesville and it is beautiful very nice. I loved the store manager and she is so sweet and all the best of that brand new store. This store is well kept and very organized and clean.

  100. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help in any way possible. I always enjoy shopping there and they are one of the number one shopping stores. However… I could not find the place to enter my survey code, where is it?

  101. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help in any way possible. I always enjoy shopping there and they are one of the number one shopping stores. However… I could not find the place to enter my survey code, where is it?

  102. My survey code: 1178-6768-1210-133.
    The young lady that checked my purchases out was extremely nice and presented herself quite well. Her name was Samira and she works in the Clifton, NJ branch located on Lakeview Ave.

  103. I have never been disrespectful each time I go the dollar general I will never go back unless I know this tall redhead women is not working, I wk hard for my $$
    codes 0862-0628-1195-412 store #08733
    codes 08662-6418-1219-413 &0862-6408-1219-413 I go shop 3 r 4 times a week and she is always miserable, I still was nice to her but this last time she was over the top and embarrassed me I ask to use the bathroom & she was a b—-h so I paid for my things and left. I have never done a online comment but my neighbors have said the same

    thank you B.Brothers

  104. young man in Westfield, mass store was very pleasant. I did find it to strange that they couldn’t get any Canada dry soda which is a special for 3 days. the warehouse supposively was out of it. so they couldn’t get any. how convenient.

  105. To whom it may concern the store I went to which is in Randolph, VT did not impress me yesterday. I went there to pick some things up which I do quite often. But I don’t know if I will go back as there were so many things in the isles that you couldn’t even get through with a cart. Plus the shelves had not been restocked for a while. The cashier was very good and very friendly but when the store is such a mess people will not continue to go there. We don’t have a lot to choose from in our little town so would hate to see it not there. But it needs to be cleaned up a lot.

  106. When I enter the DG someone all ways welcome me and I appreciate that very much. When I check out ,I am asked if I had found all that I wanted to purchase. Then I am told thank you for your business and come back. Survey Code1167-6738-1220-312

  107. I went to this same Dollar General Store #21236 twice this week. The store is well stocked with low priced items. The location is ideal because of a take out restaurant and video game store just right next door in the same plaza. The large parking lot makes it easy to get in and out of. Robert the cashier said that he would like to see more people employed at this new Dollar General and that I could help by posting about my visit.

  108. I have loved to go to The Dollar Stores all my life — even if I did not need anything! It is easy to get in and park – without walking half a mile… and the people are friendly and nice.
    Naturally, one can’t leave out the great prices…

  109. A new Dollar General just opened at 3208 Cumberland Road, Cumberland VA 23040. It’s close proximity to where we live will be especially great for buying things that don’t warrant trips all the way to town and back and we will appreciate all the savings, too. Survey code 2013-4508-1231-783

  110. Michelle Henne works her but off ! She should be head manager. I think she should get this position as she is always their working for all the employees that don’t show up. Randy is leaving she should not be passed up for this position ! Store 10167

  111. The Dollar General in Grovetown, GA is very nice and organized. The workers there are very polite and they welcome you in the store every time you go there. I know one worker there and she helps me out every time I come in to look at something. Some of the workers there seem like they don’t want to be there, but if they had a better attitude about it every thing would be fine.

  112. Shelly takes good care of this store and i enjoy going to this store #15081. Stephanie Powers is a cashier she is so helpful and respectful. she always seems to have the store and the customers in her best interest. # 1590-4338-1238-953

  113. #1590-1258-1238-972
    Store #15081
    I visit weekly, Everyone is very helpful. I count on this DG Market for my weekly Grocery shopping. They remember the regulars and make you feel that they are glad to see you. The store is well kept and clean!

  114. I shop at the dg in lake Arthur la. it is a very nice store to go to and the people working there are very friendly and so helpful

  115. also my survey code is 0423-4978-1238-122 A gift card would help pay for Christmas for my great grandbabies. at the ripe old age of 73 they are all I can afford to buy fo.thanks for listening

  116. great store in lake Arthur Louisiana friendly clerks and very helpful.code is 0423-4978-1238-122/thanks for caring how we shop

  117. store at Wynwood village in Dallas tx. I shop there all the time, great n friendly workers very helpful. Survey code1911-9298-1244-002 thank you for thinking about us your customer. We sure can use the little help. have a bless MERRY CHIRSTMASS.

  118. Survey Code 1016-4858- 1248-643 I was at store #10257 And every time I go in there, there is a line. The manager Millie is the worst manager. She stands in the isles doing stuff when there is a line. Today I went to get a loaf of bread and decided to get an ice cream cone too, The cashier was waiting on a person while I was in line, The custom told the cashier she could not find something. The manager comes gets the women and takes her to look find the other items she wanted. This may seem like good customer service. BUT FAR FROM IT. She left the cashier with an order started and me and other person standing there while she was shopping with the lady. She should f open up and let the cashier help her customer and not make others wait. Then to top it off I get home and the cashier once she cashed me out put the loaf of bread in one bag that she handed me and the ice cream in a different bag. I don’t need to bags for two items that were not heavy. Wasting the stores money and adding to the plastic bags in landfills. This store needs better managers I’ve gone in there to many times and have to wait in line
    . Store needs better customer service

  119. Survey Code 1286-6618-1247-913
    After spending nearly $70.00 on items for which i had several OnLine coupons, my cellphone could not get a reception to get them. The clerk was quite rude and insisted she was not allowed to help me. Not a good experience as I had counted on using the coupons for needed savings!

  120. Survey Code- 0848-7058-125–633
    I go to the Dollar General Store when I need special things…. When I need cat supplies ect…. It’s a good store & I am always there…. This is the first time doing a Survey online…. Have a good day…

  121. Whenever I go our DG#14326 at 1210 Winder Hwy, Dacula, GA 30019, I know right where to go to get what I need. The employees have become neighbors cos I live a mile from the DG! There’s Dave, Heather, Diane, LaBron!! Besides me, my son & cousin shop at 14326 quite often. We don’t have to run to Kroger/Publix cos this DG is so close. I don’t have go grocery shopping trips quite as often. The Clover Valley foods are great & the name brands, as well. I buy great colas, Nature’s Valley dry dog food & Pedigree canned & dog treats,as well. Staple foods are great, too. I really love all DG Stores. Keep up the good work! Survey Code: 1425-8938-1251-393

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